Concrete Contractor in Columbus, Ohio

When it comes to finding the best of the best for Columbus concrete contractor services you have come to the right place. We offer a large variety of all the important jobs you could need completed including some cosmetic ones. From ADA compliant ramps to decorative concrete and everything in between we have got you covered.

The Gaddis & Son, Inc. name has been around since 1971. That doesn’t just make us a local company, that makes us part of the local community. And when we take a new job, referral or repeat customer we are servicing our friends, neighbors and fellow community members. So it is in our best interest to make sure the work they receive is of the highest quality possible.

Concrete Repair & Installation

Concrete Repair in Columbus Ohio

When it comes to Columbus concrete repair and installation yon know you need a professional team to get the job completed. Your concrete project can last a long time but only if it is expertly installed and repaired. Some of the projects we take care of at Gaddis & Son, Inc. include sidewalks, steps, driveways, patios, curbs, pads and concrete loading docks.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Columbus Concrete Resurfacing Services

You don’t have to settle for that old, tired and cracked concrete look for your surfaces. There are plenty of great options now available for transforming the look with professional concrete resurfacing services. Part of what we offer for concrete resurfacing includes garage floors and concrete sealing. Let us show you what we can do to improve the look of your concrete surface.

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Commercial Concrete Services

Commercial Concrete Columbus Ohio

Whether you need commercial concrete services for a retail or industrial project, Gaddis & Sons, Inc. provide turnkey concrete services to commercial property owners and builders throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas. Our Columbus concrete contractors are extensively experienced and professionally trained, and we are determined to provide high quality work and superior customer service to each of our clients.

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Concrete Restoration

Concrete Restoration in Columbus

Why replace your concrete when our concrete contractors can take care of professional concrete restoration for you. Our quality restoration service can help you save money on the budget for your project. We can make your concrete look as good as new – if not better. Before you take on the expense of pouring new concrete, call (614) 252-3109 and see what we can do to revitalize your concrete surfaces.

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Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Services in Ohio

We offer top notch concrete work that includes stamped concrete, various color options and your custom choice of finishes. Offering the latest in innovative concrete techniques and products are just part of what we do. Contact us today so we can set up a consultation for whatever services you are considering from the Gaddis & Son, Inc. team.

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ADA Compliance

Ohio ADA Compliance Services

In order to protect your building from hefty fines and penalties you need to work with a team of experts who understand ADA compliance regulations. Going with anyone less than a trusted expert could result in big problems down the road. We have been in business a lot longer than the ADA has even been in act; so we know the details of these guidelines inside and out.

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Park & Site Furnishings

Columbus Park Site Furnishings

Another area you need to use caution with is Columbus park and site furnishings. We can take care of a variety of important services in this field including but not restricted to parking blocks, benches, bike racks, parking signs and pedestrian guardrails just to name a few. Make sure your community space is safe and in compliance with public safety regulations by working with the pros who know what this means.

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If you are looking for a concrete contractor in Columbus then please call us at (614) 252-3109 or complete our online request form.