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Concrete Driveway Up Grade in Columbus....Wow!

Concrete Driveway Up Grade....Wow!

Gaddis & Son Inc. received a request to replace an existing, old, damaged driveway in Columbus, Ohio. The homeowner had previously begun to make several home improvements, and now it was time to upgrade the driveway! The best upgrade for concrete….. is New Concrete! Nothing looks more appealing in front of your home than something new, and that includes a "pretty, hard" Driveway.

After receiving a free estimate to replace the concrete driveway, and discussing some particulars, with Matthew Gaddis, the customer entrusted Columbus Ohio's experienced concrete contractor to perform the driveway replacement.

The new concrete driveway took place over a week's time, and included hauling away of existing concrete, placing forms, gravel, and concrete. What some people don't realize is that a complete driveway replacement often requires a City permit and inspection. If your driveway includes: the public sidewalk, and driveway apron or public curb replacement, it is important that an experienced contractor makes provisions to include those cost with the estimate.

In addition to concrete installation, this Columbus homeowner needed a roof drain relocation. Part of the problem with the old driveway, was that the sub grade washed away due to a broken drain. To solve the drain problem and prevent it from happening again, our experienced team redirected the drainpipe to "exit" outside the perimeter of the driveway at the shortest distance. Keeping most of the drainpipe out from under the weight of the concrete, and vehicles would preserve the life of the drain system and the life of the concrete.

Additional measures to preserve the life of new concrete include: the application of a penetrating concrete cure & sealer, the installation of control joints, expansion joints and the use of synthetic fiber reinforcement.

We had a good experience working with this customer, as we do with all our customers. What made this driveway upgrade so rewarding, was because one of a gentleman on our crew grew-up at the house. The neighborhood and house held a special place in his heart and memory, of Columbus, Ohio.

Service provided: Concrete Driveways

Budget: 8000.00

Location: Columbus, OH

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We love the work, Excellent job!

- Andre B


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