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Residential Concrete Sidewalk and Handicap Accessibility In Columbus

Residential Concrete Sidewalk and Handicap Accessibility

Whether you are a mail carrier, a causal dog walker, or heading to the school bus; safe sidewalks are important. Gaddis & Son Inc. has taken pleasure in providing concrete sidewalks for the people of Columbus, Ohio for the past 5 decades. Over the past several decades these concrete sidewalk improvements have been enhanced with handicap accessibility guidelines.

A commercial contractor, reached out to Gaddis & Son Inc. to replace concrete sidewalks for a multiunit apartment property in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the new sidewalk installation the project required new handicap accessible paths. The multi-phase sidewalk contract took approximately 3-month to complete. The scope of work for the Handicap Accessible project required a great deal of communication, coordination and some reengineering to produce safe concrete sidewalks.

As we neared the end of the project it was evident that the owner and general contractor were pleased with the new concrete sidewalk and handicap accessible paths. Before the final completion Gaddis & Son Inc. was able to secure additional work for this customer, in order to satisfy the needs of the families living there.

Service provided: ADA Compliant Concrete

Budget: 140,0000.00

Location: Columbus, OH

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