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Columbus ADA Compliance Professionals

Ohio ADA Compliance Services

When it comes to finding the right experts to take care of your Columbus ADA compliance services you need to be sure. There are very specific guidelines one must adhere to in order to be in compliance. If you cut corners and try to save money by working with someone who is not trained or certified in this field you will only end up spending more money. 

Not meeting the proper regulations for this work means hefty fines. Plus there will be the added cost of hiring us anyway to come out and fix the work completed by someone else. Protect yourself from this type of headache and extra added expense. Let the Gaddis & Son, Inc. crew take care of things the right way, the first time around.

Handicap Accessibility & Wheelchair Ramps

At Gaddis & Son, Inc. we offer the best in ADA compliance services in Columbus. Some of what we offer includes but is not limited to wheelchair ramps with handrails, curb ramps in the public right of way, and installing detectable warning systems (truncated domes) cast-in-place and retrofit. We can meet with you to find out what it is you want done.

Our Columbus concrete contractors can also offer suggestions for changes you may want to make in order to be certain your building or the exterior of your building meets the compliance standards for ADA. As with all of the work we perform, we stand behind what we do 100%. Having been around since 1971 we have been around since long before the American’s with Disabilities Act was even passed.

Which means we have been on board since the beginning helping homes and businesses comply. It also means that with any new additions or changes we have been on top of this new ADA accessibility information. Simply put, we are the team to trust when it comes to taking care of whatever service needs you have for handicap accessibility.

ADA Compliance in Columbus, OH

Don’t take chances when it comes to ADA compliance in Columbus. We have the training, certification and skills to get the job done. More importantly, it will meet the requirements of the regulations for ADA standards. This will help you to avoid costly fines and keep you in good standing with this organization and others like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

Our goal is to help you make the most of whatever project you are trying to tackle. If that also means making sure the project meets strict specifications in place by the government we have the ability to do that too. Contact us today so we can get started with your Columbus ADA compliance requirements.

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If you are looking for an ADA compliance specialist in Columbus then please call us at (614) 252-3109 or complete our online request form.