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Do You Need a Concrete Foundation Repair Contractor in Columbus?

Are you looking for a Columbus Concrete Foundation Repair Contractor? If you’re a building manager, you know the importance of your building’s foundation. Knowing this is only half the battle, the other half is doing something about it.

Restoring your concrete can be an annual thing. Any structure that has concrete blocks as its foundation requires some repair from time to time. This is especially true if you live in a temperate climate or if you get a good amount of rain per year. Water is the most destructive force to Columbus concrete, and basements are notorious for having cracked concrete from water damage.

The worst thing that can happen when you have cracks in your concrete is moisture intrusion. Water that comes throughout foundation will slowly but surely make it weak. Weak concrete is prone to damage, in the form of cracking, breaking, and leaking. Aside from the obvious safety risks of cracked and broken concrete, leaky concrete can be an expensive, embarrassing, and annoying hassle.

Can you imagine someone noticing a broken concrete block of your parking garage?

The most common cause of broken or cracked concrete is soil movement underneath the structure. The soil that is directly under the basement sometimes moves and causes the concrete to crack.

An experienced Concrete Foundation Repair Contractor has different methods of repairing your cracked or broken concrete. For instance, the most common method would be first repairing the concrete, then installing deep piers into the soil to take the load off of the foundation.

This is how you know if your concrete foundation need repair…

  • Cracks on interior wall finishes
  • Doors no longer open or close properly
  • Windows no longer open or close properly
  • Cabinets no longer close properly
  • Floors are uneven or no longer level
  • Cracks in exterior concrete blocks/bricks

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