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My Garage Floor Is Sunken: Repair Or Replace?

Sunken garage floors often crack in addition to the sinking. Any ground shifting or structural support failure of the home will cause foundation cracks. It’s not only an eye sore that will continue to get worse, it could be potentially dangerous if the problem isn’t remedied.

Small cracks are normal in a garage floor. Small and medium cracks can be patched by a concrete repair contractor. In many cases, a sunken garage floor can also be repaired by the contractor.

However, if the structural integrity of the concrete is failing, the garage floor will need to be replaced. This is a much rarer situation, so don’t automatically think this is what’s going on.

Why Garage Floors Sink

  • Foundation Settling – Minor settling is a very natural process for a home. The foundation, walls, and roof will slowly settle over time. Sometimes the problem isn’t so natural, being caused by improper construction.
  • Soil Erosion – A sunken garage floor may indicate a soil erosion problem. Sometimes a garage floor will sink or crack because the soil erodes from underneath the concrete slab. If rainwater pools at the foundation, erosion is likely to occur. A simple fix with a rain gutter system, french-drain, or sump-pump can solve this problem.
  • Cracking & Crumbling Concrete – Once moisture penetrates the concrete through cracks, the material will start to degrade and then crumble. If your garage floor is crumbling, either a section of it or the entire slab will need to be replaced.

Who To Contact For Garage Floor Repairs & Replacement In Columbus

If your garage floor is sunken, it’s best for you to contact a structural engineer concrete contractor to inspect it. Gaddis & Son, Inc. is a Columbus concrete contractor with structural engineering experience. We would be glad to inspect your garage floor and recommend whether it needs repair or replacement.

If your garage floor has degraded, become sunken, or has formed cracks or pits, it’s likely that the concrete can be repaired. But if it does need replacement, we can take care of it for you as well.


If you have questions or need a Columbus concrete contractor for garage floor repair or replacement, please call (614) 252-3109 or complete our online request form.