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Installing Whitehall Decorative Concrete Pavers

Whitehall Decorative Concrete Pavers

The ease of installation and reinstallation of Whitehall decorative concrete pavers has given way to the popularity of this construction material. You can use them for your walkways, driveways or even seating areas around the “islands” in your garden.  They also come in various shapes, sizes and colours that you can use depending on the character of your space. The terracotta colour and the grey colours are the most popular however because they would be able to easily blend to the environment.

Since they are pre fabricated-concrete, they are easier to arrange. All you need to do is follow the pattern you want using the pavers and pour sand particles compactly in the base and in between them to keep them in place. The use of sand makes them flexible to move and prevent the material from cracking. In case they are removed from where you place them, you can easily reinstall the separated piece back to its original location.

In order to make sure that your decorative concrete pavers are correctly installed, always contact a reliable Whitehall contractor. In laying your concrete pavers:

  • Always plan. In order to come up with the best outcome, make sure that you create a plan that works well with your space, the slope and the environment as well.  If you can draw your project, the better. This will allow you to play with the design of the pavers so that they will look more interesting. After that, you can show this to your contractor or ask them to layout a better project for you.
  • Order your materials. If you are hiring a contractor, ask them about the number of pieces you will need and the budget for the project so that you will know just how much it would cost you. This also allows you to set aside enough amounts you can use for the project. Indicate the design, pattern and colours that you need including the sizes as well.
  • When the materials are ready, your contractor should outline the project area and indicate the necessary slopes that need special considerations. This is important so that you would be able to avoid any water from pulling away the sand that will be used in your Whitehall decorative concrete pavers. Also, remember to consider the water ways and pipelines that may be affected by the project.
  • After laying out the project area, make sure that you check the excavation. Normal soil conditions need an excavation of 4-6 inches deep while for wet soil, it may go as deep as 12 inches.
  • Lay the base with coarse crushed stone. Do it 2 inches at a time and make sure that they are compacted thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary. Then, place the sand layer next. This will serve as the glue to your pavers.
  • Arrange the Whitehall decorative concrete pavers in the manner you choose. Tamp the pavers into the sand using a plate compactor to make sure that they are fixed. Then sweep off the sand particles into the joints.
  • For added strength, you can also use the appropriate sealing products to secure the sand in the joints and avoid wild plants and grass from growing.

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